Dr. Dennis Kimbro is not a provocateur, motivator, lecturer or merely a teacher. He's the coach and mentor you want to head your table, to export wisdom, and to grill you with the facts and solutions so that you can do the work and progress in your own life's work. Dr. Kimbro has in essence become America's Black Business Professor, notwithstanding his professorship at Clark Atlanta University. Kimbro has single-handedly completed the book that the Napoleon Hill Foundation called him for; then, with that he has marched these teachings into existence whereby he's changed Black America, fueling, empowering and teaching us how to win. Think & Grow Rich/A Black Choice (the #1 business book in Black America) has now become a web series that will feature America's best, brightest Black Entrepreneurs. This is a Kimbro/Relentless Partnership, supported by the Mastermind Collective. Look for more episodes here on


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