‍‍‍‍‍‍What inspires me about this clip above, beyond the marriage proposal, is that the id‍‍‍ea-man behind this video incorporated other dancers with their moves and contributions to what is an amazing energy. Naturally, the song is powerful already, the energy is in the air, and I'm loving dance again because of this young, new embrace of dance moves, the emotions expressed therein, and the creative ways we tell stories thru motion.

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"Song of Joy" by Captain & Tennille has always been playing in my mind from earlier years when I played it over and over again on vinyl. It's such a powerful song that never got the love it deserved; my opinion.

So I took this monster by the neck, began the conversation, and drummed up support from the key componant: "Shoshyn" His voice is powerful and angelic. Its intense like a thunderstorm and subtle like a morning dove. Shoshyn and I have worked on many projects together, both live & recorded; this one tops our list (so far).

Stay tuned for more from this partnership!

Also, follow the link to the faceb‍‍‍ook post of this video, please comment and like and share. (the usual)

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